A new report from the federal government details how climate change will impact Illinois in the near future.  The National Climate Assessment emphasizes that climate change is not only a long-term problem, but has negative consequences in the short term.  The Sierra Club’s Illinois chapter director, Jack Darin, says the current rise in temperatures will continue through the next few decades.
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“By the middle of this century, Illinois may see somewhere between 10 and 30 extra days each where the high temperature is over 95 degrees,” Darin said, “and that just puts tremendous stress, not only on our bodies, but on our water supply systems, on our farmers.”  The report says the solution is to decrease reliance on fossil fuels, which would reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.  Darin believes Illinois is ahead of other states when it comes to clean energy.
Some Republicans in Congress have released an opposing report that claims local and state environmental regulations will have more of an impact than actions at the federal level.
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