“Dead” isn’t the right way to describe the so-called Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, according to one of its sponsors.
The legislation aiming to cut pollution and require more of Illinois’ energy to come from renewable sources has the backing of dozens of businesses, environmental groups, and legislative co-sponsors?
So why hasn’t it been called for a vote?
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“Because there are two other bills out there, one by ComEd and one by Exelon,” State Sen. Jacqueline Collins (D-Chicago), one of the bill’s chief co-sponsors, said. “Exelon and ComEd are very strong lobby groups, they have money…and we need to bring the moral discussion to the table.”
The Exelon-backed bill would have treated nuclear energy the same as wind and solar when it comes to renewable energy standards. ComEd’s bill aimed to build on improvements in the “smart grid” program.
All 3 pieces of legislation are being held, and Collins says legislators are discussing a compromise bill, which she hopes could be considered by the end of the summer. The budget talks, however, are taking priority. 
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