The City of Alton is waiting for long needed repairs to a downtown building damaged more than 2 and a half years ago during a storm. The former Cracker Factory Building in the 200 block of East Broadway had its top floor leveled during a wind storm and the city still wants the owner to fix the damage or tear down the building.

Last month, the city signed off on a construction permit for owner Mike Kelly that would include restoration work by Jun Construction of Godfrey. However, the city is still waiting for building permits and also expects Kelly to submit a request for a tax increment financing grant to help with repairs costs. The first phase would be exterior work, with a second phase to include work on the inside. The storm in early May of 2009 destroyed the roof and top floor of the building and also caused damage to a building next door used by Crown Vision. That building has since been repaired, but the old  Cracker Factory lost two businesses on the main floor that moved elsewhere following the storm and remains vacant. A few bricks have fallen off the side of the building since the initial damage, and a large tarp covers the top floor.