The city of Alton has fined two downtown Alton bars, and could impose punishment upon a third following hearings on Thursday with the city and bar owners.  The Firehouse and Spirits Lounge will have to close for a few days this month, and also pay a fine in addition to providing stepped up security and monitoring of patrons following numerous police calls over the past two years. 

Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst, who is also the city liquor commissioner, met with the owners, along with city attorney Jim Schrempf and Alton Police Chief David Hayes in order to address the issues.  The city says due to the numerous reports of fights, open drinking, and other problems in and outside the bars, the city would impose fines upon each, and they would also have to hire extra security that would be present on the weekends from Midnight until all patrons left the establishments.   The Firehouse's liquor license is suspended from 6am today until 6am Sunday, and it would also be closed from 12:01 to 11am on June 15, 16, 22 and 23.   Spirits had its liquor license suspended from 6am today through June 14.  Each business must also provide a responsible employee to meet weekly with Alton Police to discuss security measures and address any problems.  

A hearing with the owners of a third business, CTW's Lounge on Belle Street, is scheduled for today.

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