The Alton City Council Committee of the Whole took action on a number of issues on Monday, including placing a freeze on most new hiring by the city due to budget constraints.  The committee also voted to seek demolition of the former Alton Cine movie theater just off the Homer Adams Parkway.

The theater building has been vacant since it was closed in March of 1998, and has fallen into disrepair.  The city is also expected to place a freeze on new hiring with the exception of a new firefighter, a new street maintenance employee and temporary seasonal workers.  The Alton Committee of the Whole also approved a C-2 liquor license that will allow for the opening of a tasting room at Templar Brewing inside the Old Milton Schoolhouse, and approved sidewalk café agreements with Tony’s, Ragin Cajun, Chez Marilyn, Catdaddy’s and Bossanova all in downtown Alton.  The Alton City Council will meet Wednesday at 7:30pm at city hall to consider these and other topics.  


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