The City of Alton has farmed out its sewer and refuse billing for the past few years, but is bringing the service back in-house later this year.  A resolution was passed at last night's City Council meeting that continues that process.  It redefines a delinquent bill as one that is at least 21 days late.  The delayed payment charge will be 10%, and subject to a 1% monthly service charge if the bill remains unpaid.

All of this will be automated, thanks in part to council action in April to enter an agreement with for IT services.  City Treasurer Cindy Roth (pictured) says they have to start sending bills November 1 for October sewer and trash.

Roth comments

The city voted to return to doing the billing from city hall last year, and a certain amount of computer work will be necessary to ensure a smooth transition.  Alton will take over the process by October 1, per its agreement with American Water Company.

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