When members of the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket outside of a few St. Louis area high schools several organizations planned counter protests. One of those groups, the First Unitarian Church of Alton, said that it would donate money for every minute that members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested. 

Rev. Klebur Van Zandt of the First Unitarian Church was at Clayton High School when the protesters began arriving on Monday morning and he says he and the other protesters were surprised that so few protesters from Westboro Baptist Church showed up.

Van Zandt comment

Van Zandt estimates that the protesters were outnumbered by close to a thousand and that fact might have discouraged them from showing up at their other planned protests.

So far the First Unitarian Church as raised a few hundred dollars for the Gay-Straight Alliance, a student group that promotes awareness of gay and lesbian issues at Clayton High.  The website that is taking donations will remain up for the next few days.

To make a donation or find out more about First Unitarian Church of Alton and their social justice programs visit www.khleber.com/justlovewins

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