About 200 miles apart, it was a story of dueling governors: Pat Quinn of Illinois and Chris Christie of New Jersey.  “Every time he comes here,” Quinn – speaking in Chicago – said of Christie, “I get the impression that he eats a box of nails for breakfast and spends the rest of the day spitting them out at me!”  “If there’s anybody who's an expert at eating nails for breakfast and spitting them out, it’s Gov. Pat Quinn,” Christie said in Springfield when apprised of Quinn’s remark. “If he gives me that evaluation, that’s coming from a high source, from somebody who’s nasty.”
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Christie joined Quinn’s Republican challenger, Bruce Rauner, at a couple of private events before hitting a bar and restaurant near the Old State Capitol this afternoon.  Christie won’t let up in attacking Illinois, even if Rauner wins the election. “Absolutely, we’ll try to take jobs away from Illinois, and Rauner will try to take jobs away from New Jersey,” Christie said. “That’s the competitive process, OK? And our states have to succeed or fail based on the policies we put forward and the quality of the leadership that we have. So, you bet. I'm going to try to steal jobs from Rauner, but I'll guarantee you this much: I won't be nearly as successful as we would be if Pat Quinn's here for another four years.”  Christie said a full term of Quinn should be enough to convince voters it's time for a change.
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