It’s not just Illinois Republicans and Democrats who are concerned with who wins the governor’s race.  Both Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner are getting help from the national party organizations.  Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is also the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, gave a pep talk to Rauner campaign volunteers in Chicago. He warned them that the Quinn campaign will try “every trick in the book” to defeat Rauner.
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“Now I see that a court’s ruled that the Libertarian candidate can be on the ticket, but the Green Party candidate can’t,” Christie said. “Another really interesting development. I said to a group of people this morning, ‘You people in Illinois make New Jersey people blush.’”  That decision was not made by a court, but by the Illinois State Board of Elections.  Rauner himself wasn't at the event with Christie. His campaign said he was taking his son to college, though it wouldn’t say where.  On the Democratic side, Vice President Joe Biden is also in Chicago, helping the Quinn campaign raise funds. 
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