The number of children’s product recalls is declining, but the number of incidents, injuries and death is up. The group Kids in Danger released its annual children’s product recall report.
According to the report in 2012 the number of reported incidents was up 49 percent from the previous year, injuries were up 42 percent and deaths were up 200 percent. “We believe that the impact of new safety regulations can be seen in reduced recalls this year,” said Nancy Cowles, executive director of Kids in Danger. “While recalls for unsafe cribs and toys with lead continued to drop, the numbers of injuries and incidents reported merits a closer look.”
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Cowles says it is possible that efforts to encourage more reporting of incidents linked to children’s products is responsible for the rise in numbers, but it is hard to say. “It’s very hard to tell because the recall process is a very secret process and the companies still have a lot of sway,” Cowles said.
Additional findings in the report include:
n The number of children’s product recalls dropped 20 percent from 2011.
n One-third of recalls were nursery products.
n Sleep environment products continue to pose a significant hazard with seven deaths associated with those products.
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