Alton is currently the only Riverbend community to allow chickens in residential areas, but that may be getting ready to change.  Godfrey resident Ken Feazel, who lives in the 2,700 block of Walter Street, has asked the village to amend the Animal Control Ordinance to allow chickens in residential areas.  Village trustees have sent the issue to the Public Safety Committee for further review.

In the meantime, Feazel has been given temporary permission to keep the chickens until this issue is resolved.  Trustee Jerry Gibson has some concerns if chickens are eventually allowed to be kept in residential areas.

Gibson comments

The village has also approved an ordinance requiring all employees to live within 20 miles of Village Hall, and have sent the framework for an occupancy permit ordinance to the village attorney to be considered at the August meeting.  The main goal is to find a balance between mandating safety and not burdening those homeowners that can least afford to make repairs or improvements.

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