Supporters of the backyard chicken movement are keeping a close eye on Godfrey, as the village has begun the process of drafting an ordinance to allow the fowl in residential areas.  The issue came up about a month ago when a resident that lives on Walter Street near St. Ambrose School asked the board to consider legalizing chickens, claiming he didn't know it was illegal to keep them.  The resident was told he would be able to keep the chickens until the issue was resolved.    

Most communities in the Riverbend have ordinances prohibiting backyard chickens in residential areas, but Alton has allowed the practice for about a year.  Godfrey Trustee Eldon "Twirp" Williams, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, says this ordinance will be not necessarily be based on the one in Alton.  

Williams comments

Having backyard chickens is a growing trend across the nation.  Supporters say they are a great source of eggs and companionship.  Opponents of backyard chickens cite noise, odor and disease as the main reasons for their stance, but those are addressed in a recent article debunking seven myths about backyard chickens.  You can read that report by following a link posted at this story at

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