Chicago parents will have to find something for their school-age children to do again today because teachers won't be returning to the classroom.  The head of the teachers union, Karen Lewis, suggests the devil is in the details and some of the details in a settlement between the union and school district haven't been written down.  She says teachers don't trust the city to follow through on promises. 

Teacher delegates will meet again Tuesday to consider the new contract deal with the city so students could be back in school on Wednesday.  A teacher's strike began last Monday, closing public schools to about 350-thousand students.  One of the key issues for teachers is the evaluation process. 

In the end, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel compromised and agreed to phase in a new plan over several years.  It reduces the weight given to standardized test results.  The union won a victory when Emanuel agreed that half of all new teachers hired must be union teachers who have been laid off in recent years.  Teachers also fought for pay raises, which, according to the proposed deal, will happen at rates of either two or three-percent each year for the next three years.  

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