More police-involved shootings in Chicago are leading the city's mayor to expand the use of Tasers and training on how and when to use deadly force.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls it a "major overhaul" of Chicago Police Department policies. Among the measures are doubling the number of stun guns available to 1,400, making sure every squad car patrolling at night has one.
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Emanuel also plans to expand what is currently voluntary crisis-intervention training for officers in hopes they can de-escalate tense situations before resorting to using force.
"There's a difference between whether someone can use a gun and whether they should use a gun," Emanuel said, "and we as a city must train for that difference."
As part of the changes, officers who use lethal force will now be assigned to desk duty for 30 days. The old rule kept off the street for only three days during initial investigations into those incidents.
Two people, 19-year Quintonio LeGrier and 55-year-old Bettie Jones, were shot and killed by a Chicago police officer Saturday after responding to a call saying LeGrier was threatening his father with a baseball bat. Police have said Jones' death was an accident, which is also how interim police superintendent John Escalante describes it. He declined to go into any more detail about the shooting, saying it's now in the hands of the Independent Police Review Authority. 
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