As some black pastors have been urging state lawmakers to vote no on same sex marriage, a group of them Thursday urged them to vote yes.   A group of pastors called a press conference in Chicago to call on members of the Illinois House to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The pastors say it’s about equality.
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“This is about equality and justice. This is a matter of equal protection under the law for all citizens. This is not a religious issue,” said the Rev. Richard Tolliver, pastor of St. Edmunds Episcopal/Anglican Church in Chicago.
The Rev. Phyllis V. Pennese of the Pillar of Love Fellowship in Chicago likens the gay marriage movement with the civil rights movement. “I know that marriage equality is the next step in the series of steps necessary to advance all human beings towards the realization of full and total dignity and equality for all beings and for all relationships,” Pennese said.  The pastors say they hope their support for same-sex marriage will help get a pending bill that would legalize it in Illinois the roughly dozen more votes it needs to pass.
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