You’ve heard about the reported shortage of Velveeta.  Kraft Foods, based in Deerfield, in an e-mail blames seasonal demand.  It turns out our favorite brick-shaped cheese-like staple is made in Champaign.  But one of the opinion-shaping grocery shoppers in that city is not impressed.  “I may be a huge advocate of buying local and supporting Champaign-Urbana business, but Velveeta has never crossed into my shopping cart,” says Laura Bleill. “I don't really think it's a food.”
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Bleill is founder, editor, and mom-in-chief for  She says she prefers organics and foods she considers more nutritious than Velveeta for her dairy choices.  Bleill, a mother of three daughters, figures she's lost any chance of having Kraft as a sponsor of her web site.
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