Illinois’ charitable foundations say they can’t make up the difference for social services when there are state budget cuts.
Illinois’ foundations – what’s known as institutional giving – are good for $3.1 billion already, whereas the state has a budget shortfall of over $6 billion that the governor proposes closing with cuts. Don Cooke, chairman of the Donors Forum, representing these private grant-makers, says charity cannot make this up.
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“We will do our best to help by supporting those organizations having the most impact – ones we’ve worked with the most and we trust the most – but it will only be a drop in the bucket compared to what they will be losing from the state contracts,” he said.
The Donors Forum says the state must come up with more revenue, either through income tax or some other source, otherwise the cuts will destroy what donors have given so much to build in terms of the state’s network of social services.
Illinois has 5,221 private grant-making foundations, and they contribute 14 percent of the operating costs of social service organizations in Illinois. These foundations note that state funding has already been cut several times since “starvation diet” budgets began in 2008 for the programs they support.
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