The August death of a 33-year-old South Roxana woman has led to felony drug charges against an acquaintance of hers and their alleged dealer. The Madison County State's Attorney has filed a single count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance against 44-year-old Marcus D. Webb of the 900 block of Ohio in South Roxana. Charged with one count of Drug Induced Homicide and a single count of Controlled Substance Trafficking is 36-year-old Curtis T. Buchanan (pictured) of the 5,700 block of Janet Drive in St. Louis.

South Roxana Police Lieutenant Bob Coles:

Coles comments


Coles echoes the concerns of law enforcement around the area, saying heroin has gotten its claws into the drug community, and is creating havoc even for non-users who have to deal with addicts resorting to theft to support their habits. Telltale signs you may know a heroin user would include very small dilated eye pupils, track marks from injecting the drug, and usually a significant decrease in weight. 33 year old Shannon Barton died in late August after injecting heroin.