One of the two men who allegedly attacked a young couple in Carlinville Tuesday night is facing a number of felony charges.  37-year-old Robert G. Charles of Carlinville is charged with home invasion, armed violence and aggravated battery for allegedly entering a residence in the 400 block of Hoehn (HO-in) Street.  Police say he wore a mask to hide his face, and hit one of the victims with a 9mm Ruger handgun.

Just before 7pm, a 19-year-old woman ran for help after she and her boyfriend were allegedly attacked by Robert Charles and 42-year-old Paul J. Charles.  Investigators beieve her 23-year-old boyfriend was the target.  Carlinville Police Chief Dave Haley says there may be more charges coming.

Haley comments

Paul Charles has been hospitalized since Tuesday night following a fight with the 23-year-old alleged victim.  He is likely facing arrest and felony charges upon his release, according to Haley.  Bond for Robert Charles has been set at $100,000.