Bruce Rauner will be Illinois’ first Republican governor in 12 years, and Illinois Chamber of Commerce president Todd Maisch says that will be a good thing.  “I am actually optimistic that you’re going to see a lot more getting done than, maybe, if (outgoing Gov. Pat) Quinn had been re-elected,” Maisch says. “The dynamic is now that Republicans will have some skin in the game. You’re going to have both parties vested in solutions.”He says the Democratic leaders in the General Assembly may find Rauner easier to work with than they did Quinn.
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Maisch says the ultimate strategy could include closing more facilities and even entire agencies as part of“wholesale cuts to, essentially, meat and bone.”
Maisch hopes things at the Capitol shake out in favor of what he calls “kind of a sleeper issue” – a“pro-investment tax code … the key there is not to make it another business tax increase, but, rather, to incentivize investment.”
Rauner is sworn in Jan. 12.
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