The message from the head of Illinois Chamber of Commerce to Gov. Bruce Rauner is stay the course in the budget battle.
Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Todd Maisch believes the necessary elements are coming together for an acceptable compromise on the state budget impasse. Since private businesses aren't feeling any negative effects from the lack of the budget, Maisch says employers are continuing to stand behind Rauner.


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"Right now, they're...holding up very strongly, in support of the governor," Maisch said. "We talk to our members every day. I get a report once a week, and they all say 'Back the governor. He's the guy who's going to get things changed.'"
Maisch even says the Chamber can accept discussions on raising taxes, which he admits "isn't our preference," after Rauner opened the door on considering new revenue, in exchange for lawmakers enacting parts of his legislative agenda.
One proposal Maisch doesn't want to hear is taxing services. Rauner had floated the idea during the campaign, but Maisch remains opposed, saying the idea is "incredibly unpopular."


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