Gov. Bruce Rauner's “Turnaround Agenda” will put Illinois on the right path, supporters say, but it’s not going to be quick.  One problem for local units of government is the proposed 50 percent cut in their share of the state income tax.  “If you pass a lot of these other agenda items, it will alleviate some of this pain,” says Todd Maisch, president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. “I have told mayors and hospitals – my members – that, short-term, they are going to get cut. There is no (other) way about it.
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“We know that this is the front end of a process,” Maisch said in addressing Rauner’s stance that he wants all of his initiatives passed, “but let’s face it: the legislature (last year) passed an openly unbalanced budget that we’re dealing with right now!”
Maisch and the governor do part company on the notion of broadening – or, as Rauner has called it more recently, “modernizing” – the sales tax base. Maisch says it creates extra costs which are passed along to consumers.
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