For many veterans of America's various wars, reintegrating back into society can be as big a battle as what was encountered on the battlefield. With that in mind, a special effort is being made at Challenge Unlimited to work with veterans and veterans with disabilities to put them to work, and help them deal with the challenges they may experience.

Veterans have, as a group, proven themselves to be trustworthy, punctual, and overall good workers. Sometimes they are dealing with a byproduct of the war or conflict they endured, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dale Sheets, Director of Community Rehabilitation at Challenge Unlimited, says PTSD is something that they can address.

Sheets comments

Another problem many veterans deal with is head injuries, and Sheets says they also have accommodations for that issue. For over 50 years, Challenge has been committed to the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into mainstream society. For more information, log onto the link at the end of this story or call 465-0044.