Catholic Charities will still provide foster care and adoption services, just not as many.  Robert Gilligan, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, says several Catholic Charities diocese have dropped a lawsuit against the state, seeking reinstatement of contracted foster care and adoption services. The Catholic Conference acts as the public policy group representing the Catholic Church and Catholic Charities.



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Gilligan says the groups do private fundraising, and will no longer provide services on the state’s behalf.  “There are a lot of needs in society,” he says. “We will continue to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable in the best way we can, whether it’s with state funds or private funds, that work will continue as the best we can do it.”  Gilligan says Illinois’ treatment of faith-based adoption and foster care services serves as a warning to other states considering civil union or gay marriage legislation. He says there’s a growing rift between religious freedom and the rights of gay couples.


(Illinois Radio Network)