Employees of not-for-profits who care for the developmentally disabled want more money to do their job and are asking lawmakers to make that happen.  The group of workers kicked off their Care Campaign, which included delivering 15,000 postcards to the governor’s office in support of the wage hike.Tressa Wilson, who works at a facility in Rockford, says if lawmakers can approve spending increases for other things –they can approve theirs.
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“I have four children and my wage is $10.51,”said Wilson. “I must work overtime to make ends meet, to feed me and my kids, to keep a roof over our heads.”  With an arm draped over Wilson’s shoulder, Charlotte Cronin, underscored the plea. “This woman and these people keep my son alive,” said Cronin.  Her 28-year old son – the most handsome young man in the world, according to Cronin – requires round-the-clock care.
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