An upstate-downstate Illinois rivalry over Cubs and Cardinals ended up with a county circuit clerk having to do double duty for a day.


When the St. Louis Cardinals lost a recent game to the San Francisco Giants, securing the National League Central title for the Chicago Cubs, Moultrie County Circuit Clerk Cynthia Braden knew that she would have to pay the piper. Braden bet suburban DuPage County Circuit Clerk Chris Kachiroubas that the Cards would win the division and the loser would have to do the other's job for a day.


Braden, who made good on the bet Friday, said she's happy to see how a large county like DuPage operates and was particularly interested in how the county streamlines its processes through an e-filing system.


DuPage, which sees up to 1,000 customers per day, compared with Moultrie's 100, has been electronically filing its self-representing litigants since January.


"I did hate to have to come up here with my Cardinals gear on, but I'm still happy to be here," Braden said. "I do look to DuPage County for leadership. Some of my processes have been modeled after that."

Kachiroubas was happy to show Braden around the office, with many of his 170 employees donning Cubbie blue. Kachiroubas was worried about heading south had he lost the bet.


"You know darn well that the Cardinal fans down there were all saying, 'Yes! Chris the cocky Cubs fan is gonna get it,’ but it didn't happen," Kachiroubas said.


The Cubs won 10 of 19 games against the Redbirds this year. Facebook activity indicates that the St. Louis Cardinals are the majority fan favorite in 64 of Illinois' 102 counties.

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