The odorless, colorless, fatal gas carbon monoxide sent many students from Girard to the hospital, and now there could be a state law to see this does not happen again.The Illinois House has passed a bill requiring carbon monoxide detectors in public schools.
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"This just past fall, a school right outside Springfield had to transport over 100 students from a carbon monoxide leak in the building,” says the sponsor, State Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Addison). “This is something we tried to do last year. Many people were hesitant to work on it; not sure there was a need. We now have seen the need.”  Trying to ease fears or an unfunded mandate, Willis said the battery-powered detector you can buy for $15-20 at a retail store will suffice, and it could be placed just outside the boiler room.  HB 152 has passed the House, 113-0.