Your chance of hitting a deer with your car is down in Illinois.  This is according to State Farm Insurance. They say the chance over the last year was 1 on 214, down from 1 in 162 the year before.  Spokesman Missy Dundov says it might be because the deer population is down, or it might be because drivers are more careful.
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“We’ve been doing this study for about 11 years and raising awareness, and we’re hoping that the reason behind it is just the driver awareness,” she said.  She said awareness of the times and places of greatest deer activity will allow drivers to avoid some collisions, but some are bound to happen nevertheless.  State Farm estimates car-vs.-deer collisions big enough to generate an insurance claim were 39,218 for the period Oct. 1, 2012-Sept. 30, 2013. For the previous year, the estimate was 51,627 (in Illinois, for all insurers).  Dundov says fall is the time of year, and early evening the time of day when car-vs.-deer crashes are most likely.
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