When will somebody invent a child car seat that’s easy to install? Until they do, there will be a need for experts to check to see if it’s in there properly.   “In Illinois, three out of four child safety seats are improperly installed,” says Sydney Roberts, deputy director of the Illinois Secretary of State Police.
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The interim director of traffic safety for the Illinois Department of Transportation, John Webber, says the auto manufacturers have not developed a standard for the seats, which do seem to be complicated.A car seat safety campaign, “Cookies, Cuddles, and Car Seats,” focuses on grandparents, who are increasingly part- or full-time caregivers. Many of those grandparents do not have experience with the modern child safety seat.
Larry Teater of New City, near Springfield, knows more than many grandparents; he is a traffic safety researcher for IDOT. Appearing at a Springfield news conference today (Tuesday) with his 1-year-old twin granddaughters, he says the little girls personify how important it is “to be sitting in car seats facing backwards, which we had no idea that went on for a long time.”
IDOT is promoting this weekend’s National Seat Check Saturday.
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