Electric car users will be getting some charging stations along historic Route 66. These will be fast charging stations, to be located in Plainfield, Dwight, Pontiac, Normal, Lincoln, Springfield, Carlinville and Edwardsville that will charge a car most of the way in about 15 minutes.  These are different charging units from plugging a car in at home and charging it overnight.

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“They’re either called a Level 2 D.C. charge, or previously some people called them a Level 3 charging station, but the common way we refer to it in the industry is a fast charge. It provides a large amount of boost to your electric vehicle battery in a very short amount of time,” said Andrew Barbeau, formerly of the Illinois Institute of Technology and now an electric car expert with his own firm, Accelerate, working on clean energy issues in Illinois.  Electric cars don’t need charging stations the way gasoline-powered cars need gas stations, because owners can charge them by plugging them in at home. The charging stations are needed for when the cars are out on the road and are nearing their batteries’ range. Installation – funded by car companies and a $1 million grant from the state – begins this month. Completion is expected next summer.
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