Illinois’ Capitol architect says dozens of artifacts have been discovered as crews continue tearing down walls in the building’s west wing.  Architect Richard Alsop says some interesting items were recovered, including fallout shelter instructions, posters from former Secretary of State Paul Powell and even a pair of gold-bordered wing tip shoes. But some of it is trash.


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“There are those who, when they finish their lunch, will just throw it behind the wall. To that extent it’s somewhat irresponsible, but it’s one of those practices that’s done all the time.”  Decades-old Coke and Sprite cans, beer bottles, cigarette packs and even an old Pik Nik shoestring potato container were found behind the walls. Alsop says it’s unclear what his office will do with the items.  The Capitol is undergoing a $41 million renovation of its west wing.


(Illinois Radio Network)