The capital architect is firing back after being criticized for some of his spending decisions during the west wing renovation.  Richard Alsop says Governor Quinn was out of line when he called him out, claiming his spending is out of control and needed to be reined in.  Alsop oversees the 50-million-dollar project and gave his approval to pay nearly 700-thousand dollars on three, copper-plated doors.  

Quinn actually compares that type of expenditure to the grandiose Palace of Versailles, in France.  But Alsop says Quinn's criticism is unfair and uncalled for.  He explains why the board sent out the statement.

Alsop comments

He says the general assembly approved the money before he was even in the picture.  Alsop says he did the best he could with the resources at hand.  The board that oversees Alsop also defended the renovations, claiming he followed all procedural requirements and stayed within budget.

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