You can find at least two points of agreement between the major-party candidates for governor: each says education funding is important, and each says the other would be terrible for it.  “If I don't win on November Fourth,” Quinn said, “get ready for Siberia when it comes to investment in public services.  Our schools will not get the resources they need, other purposes of government are going to be left with extreme and radical cuts.”  Rauner says that's not true.  
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“We are a wealthy state,” he says, “and if we say education is our priority, the money is there to invest in education.”  On another topic, both would like to get Illinois farm products into Cuba.  “The embargo, I don't think, is successful,” says Quinn.  “That country does not have the purchasing power to purchase our agricultural exports.”  “Cuba has the potential to be a huge export market for us,” says Rauner.  “That takes a lot of federal involvement and control.”  The men appeared two hours apart at an Illinois Farm Bureau forum in Bloomington.
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