The Republicans gunning for Gov. Pat Quinn’s job didn’t think highly of his State of the State address.  During the speech, Quinn said Illinois is “making a comeback.” That’s not how State Treasurer Dan Rutherford would describe the state’s economy.  “Well, maybe so in his mind,” Rutherford said, “but I think when you really get down to it, you look at where we’re trending in regards to the unemployment rate and what the projections are this coming year, and they’re not good.”
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Bruce Rauner believes a “comeback” is the opposite of Illinois’ current direction. “We’re one of the worst-run states in America,” Rauner said. “We have entered an economic death spiral, and Gov. Quinn is trying to cover it up and put a rosy picture on it.”  The only positive the candidates took out of Quinn’s speech was the proposed increase in the earned income tax credit, which Rutherford and State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) said they were open to discussing.
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