Both candidates for governor are pulling out all the stops to court African-American voters.  Republican Bruce Rauner claims Gov. Pat Quinn is assuming those voters will support him without addressing their needs, and claims Quinn’s decision not to choose a minority candidate for lieutenant governor is proof.  “He could have picked one of them to be his running mate,” Rauner said.  "He didn’t because he said ‘I’m gonna get all the African-American vote anyway.’”
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Several African-Americans were rumored to be under consideration by Quinn, such as Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely. But Quinn dismisses talk that he made a bad pick.  “Well, I talked to a lot of people, but I’ve known Paul Vallas for 30 years. He’s an expert at budgeting, and I think he has been able to point out over and over again my opponent’s budget doesn’t add up.”  Quinn counters that it’s Rauner who has avoided hiring African-Americans, pointing to the lack of a single African-American executive at his former investment firm.
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