Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner – a venture capitalist who is the only one of the five candidates who is not in elective office now – has changed his message.  He has been staking out the position of being an “outsider” who is going to “shake up Springfield.” After remarks to a Springfield Republican luncheon Thursday, he was more conciliatory toward one of the other thirds of state government.
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“I’m excited to transform the government. I need to work with the legislature. I need to understand them. I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the legislative leaders over the last couple of years,” Rauner said. “I’m going to get to know every member of the legislature,” he continued. “I am going to find ways to get legislation passed.”
He also came closer to articulating a strategy on same-sex marriage; he said he would, if as governor the legislature gave him a bill, veto it if it did not follow a statewide referendum.
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