The plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act includes what congressional candidate Rodney Davis calls a“market-based” health care plan.  Davis, a Republican from Taylorville, is seeking the 13th District congressional seat in Illinois. He says his wife, a colon cancer survivor, is someone who would be worse off under the current system.
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“She was constantly misdiagnosed for months before finally, based upon the ability to choose when and where to seek medical treatment, my wife was finally diagnosed correctly,” says Davis. “She’s doing great today. I just cannot understand why an extensive bureaucracy that Obamacare may create is something that’s going to allow patients like my wife to have the same access to health care that she had 13 years ago.”
Davis says he favors portability in health insurance. He adds that it doesn’t have to be a choice between “Big Medical” and “Big Government” in insuring people. “Being able to ensure that individuals have control over their own policies so that we put the doctor-patient health care delivery cost back together again, and that relationship should be with them rather than with the federal government, you’ll see the cost start to go down, and you’ll see efficiencies,” says Davis.
Dr. David Gill of Bloomington is Davis’ Democratic opponent. The new and open district includes part or all of the Champaign area, the Bloomington area, Decatur, Springfield and the Metro East.
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