Two special hearings will be held tonight at Bethalto Village Hall regarding a challenge to the petitions filed by two candidates running for mayor.  The challenger to the petitions is a third candidate for mayor of the village.  All three men are potential newcomers to the job as current Mayor Steve Bryant is not running for re-election.

Howard "Whitey" Lewis is a candidate for Mayor of Bethalto and is challenging the petitions submitted by both Clyde W. Jones and Alan Winslow.  In each case, the objections have to deal with the validity of certain parts of the petitions.  Lewis claims some names are not valid because certain lines are not filled out completely...such as ZIP code or the home county of the signer.  Other objections have to do with a few signatures from people not from the village.  The Municipal Officers Electoral Board, made up of Mayor Steve Bryant, Village Clerk Sue Lowrance, and village trustee Gerald Bourland will hear the arguments beginning at 6pm and will last about 30 minutes each.  

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