Chad Grimm The Libertarian Party of Illinois says it is a party of freedom, not, as its web site puts it, “busybody” laws about guns and drugs.
The man who is carrying the party’s flag for governor says he can meet that standard, saying “it says nothing about (FOID cards, concealed carry, or any other regulations) in the Second Amendment.” Peoria resident Chad Grimm says the liberty extends to the right of a legal adult to carry an assault weapon into a school: “Could you imagine how fantastic that would be? Because they could defend themselves against the people who walk in there and want to shoot everybody else in the school. There might be somebody there to defend all the innocent people.”
The party’s Illinois political director, Lex Green, said later, “I think Chad can maybe phrase things a little differently.” But Green cautions against forgetting the real problem: the war on drugs, he says, is a failure.
Grimm says he’s against public funding of education and also the regulation of drugs such as marijuana and heroin.
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