A piece of Bethalto history recovered in a fire several years ago is getting a makeover. Firefighters found the cabin that now sits next to the Bethalto History Museum while looking for hot spots in a building a few years ago and the village opted to relocate and restore the cabin. However the elements have begun to take their toll on the building and an effort to renovate the structure is underway.

John Nolte is overseeing the project. He says that work has gone smoothly and that they are about half way done with the planned renovation.

Nolte Comments

Nolte says that he couldn't just watch the cabin fall into complete disrepair because it is such an important piece of the history and heritage of Bethalto and that he's thankful for the support he's received from Mayor Alan Winslow and the Public Works Department, which has supplied the man power for the project.

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