A Southern Illinois business leader says enough is enough, and wants lawmakers to keep the minimum wage where it is -- $8.25 an hour.  A wage hike was brought up by both the governor and the president.  Donald Wright, executive vice president of Com-Pac, a Carbondale-based plastics company, says like it or not, it’s a part-time world.
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“You need to stay at 30 hours or less per week for all your employees, or they automatically then go into a health insurance package under Obamacare,”  says Wright. “An entry-level employee, if they move this minimum wage up to $10 an hour, with all the benefits and the unemployment taxes and workmen’s comp, and everything we have to pay, it’s right at 67 percent on that entry-level employee.”
Wright says given a choice between competition and government regulation, he’d take his chances with his competitors, as he has some control over what initiatives his company rolls out, and when.
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