As clean up from the latest round of flooding continues, business owners are starting to assess any damages to their equipment or property. The costs associated with making repairs or replacing that equipment can add up quick and the City of Alton is reaching out to those affected in an effort to secure additional funding from the county, state and federal governments.

That additional funding will only come if the city is declared a disaster area. Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold says that won't happen unless eligible business owners fill out the necessary paperwork. He says it's a simple packet to fill out.

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In order to get that declaration the City must pass a number of benchmarks. To qualify for aid from the county, Alton must report more than $929,000 of uninsured damage and the state must surpass $17.5-million before the City can receive funding from the federal government.

Packets are available inside the City Clerk's Office at City Hall and can be picked up during normal business hours. Sebold says that they would like to have most of the packets turned in by Friday so that they move the process forward as quickly as possible.

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