Mike WebsterThe Republican candidate for secretary of state says the office is slow when it comes to turning around applications for incorporation.  Mike Webster of Hinsdale is the Republican nominee.  He’s a lawyer, he says he handles incorporation for his business clients, and it can take several weeks.  “Illinois was just rated – it was in CEO Magazine in their May edition – we are in the bottom 10 of states, and actually only New York and California are worse and take longer to incorporate and start a business than Illinois, from a timing standpoint,” he says.
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Webster says the process still involves filling out a paper application, writing a check for the fee, mailing it in and waiting each day to see if the certificate has arrived.  A spokesman for the office now says the situation is better than it once was and continues to improve, and that applicants can file on-line and get turnaround within 24 hours – but Webster notes that costs an extra fee.
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