Business owners have some concerns when it comes to the state’s new medical marijuana program.  With the law going into effect Jan. 1, businesses are still unclear as to how it will affect existing policies, such as drug testing and zero-tolerance rules.  “The one thing we hear over and over is ‘What do we do when we have an employee who can legally consume marijuana, but it’s obvious to us that he’s under the influence at work?’” said Tom Haught, of the Schaumburg-based corporate law firm Gardi & Haught.
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Haught suggests that in certain situations, an employee should disclose to his or her employer that they’ve been prescribed medical marijuana and will only consume it after work.  “I think the employer would welcome it, I think the employee would welcome it, I think it’d be good for business,” Haught said.  While the law goes into effect next year, it may take months for the exact rules and regulations surrounding the program, including those affecting businesses, to be established.
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