The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is laying out its agenda for the year, particularly as it relates to business.   Chamber President Doug Whitley, speaking Tuesday morning in Springfield, said last year’s worker compensation reforms were nice, but a component was lacking: Causation. He wants a tighter definition of causation, so that employers aren’t on the hook for injuries that accumulated at other workplaces or off the job.


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As for the state budget: “Our state is going to have to take hard decisions, I would even call them austerity decisions, in order to get control of our spending,” he said.   An unstable state government makes it hard to do business, Whitley says.


The chamber’s agenda:

  • Fiscal discipline for state government
  • Education and job readiness efforts must be maintained
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Court reforms, so that businesses are less likely to face civil liability.
  • A rollback of the corporate income tax rate to the 2010 level, which Whitley acknowledges is unlikely to occur.


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