The business climate in Illinois is as uncertain as it has ever been, the Senate minority leader says.  Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) says the future of income tax is uncertain: It might fall to 3.75 percent, or, if voters approve a constitutional amendment allowing a progressive tax, it could rise to 9 percent on the highest incomes. But that’s not all:
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“We have proposals on paid sick leave for all, new workplace bullying policies, family and medical leave act for Illinois businesses for grandparents – and I’m pretty sympathetic to that – and disclosure of proprietary information” for companies that get tax breaks, she said.  She says these are not necessarily bad ideas, but they will have compliance costs, and they leave businesses making location decisions now unsure as to what their costs will be in Illinois. She says this is why Illinois is struggling with business development at this time.
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