Two bulls escaped from a pasture in Caseyville and headed toward 64 yesterday afternoon. The search was suspended by Illinois troopers last night for the bull still on the loose somewhere in the Caseyville-East St Louis area. Both bulls were shot by troopers multiple times, killing the larger of the two. According to State Trooper Calvin Dye Jr., and Several motorists, the bulls were seen near the 157 interchange around 3 yesterday afternoon. Troopers say both bulls were charging Police and civilian vehicles. The bull that was killed weighed around 1,000 pounds while the bull still on the loose weighs in at 750. The remaining bull was pursued on a foot chase, but managed to get away. A ISP search plane was dispatched and searched for two hours, but the search was called off just before 7pm. The owner of the land where the bulls got loose was cited for failure to secure livestock.

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