The recent bulk recycling day for Alton residents was a successful event, according to officials with both the city and Allied Waste.  Over a ton of scrap metal and appliances were collected, along with 3.75 tons of electronic waste and over three tons of landfill waste.  Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst believes they will be scheduling another one of these events in the future.

The recycling drive was held at the old Alton Landfill last Saturday.  Hoechst says much of the e-waste was in the form of old televisions.

Hoechst comments

Hoechst says everything went as planned, with the exception of a man who brought in several picture tubes from old televisions.  He had apparently stripped everything else from the units and needed a place to dispose of the part that you must pay landfills to take.  Hoechst says they accepted them this time, but will be tightening up the rules for the next event.  If you missed the bulk recycling day but still have items you need to dispose of, call 656-6883 to schedule a pickup.

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