The head of a Springfield hospital says there are plenty of ideas for how the commemoration of the 1908 race riots in Springfield where at least seven people died, can be incorporated into the building of a new hospital.  
The clinic specializing in women's and children's healthcare is to be built near the site of where an archaeological dig in conjunction with a rail project turned up evidence of the race riots.  
Saint John's CEO Doctor Chuck Lucore says that's not the only reason it makes sense for the clinic to have a memorial. "What the Sisters did back in 1908 -- caring for all the victims of the race riots in a very peaceful setting -- where the violence didn't extend into the hospital," says Lucore.
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Lucore refers to the nuns who ran the hospital and helped provide care to those injured.  He says public ideas about a memorial range from a sculpture to paintings and murals, and the Prayer of Saint Francis. And, Lucore says, there are some easier options.
"We even talked about recognition of some of those who passed away during the race riots through naming opportunities," says Lucore.  "As you know, in a building, there's a lot of naming opportnities.  Also, maybe, commemorating through scholarships, through internships."
Construction on the clinic building should start in 2016.
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