With so many people homeless from Sunday's tornadoes, Illinois builders will have a big challenge – particularly since this is not the building season.  The president of ABC Illinois, a non-union builders’ and contractors’ trade group, Alicia Martin, says a big question would be,  who’s available to build 1,000 houses at once, all over the state, now?
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“There’s so much that has to be done in such a short period of time. You only have so many contractors” in one area. It's not as if the typical workers are off doing something else?  “That may play into it as well,” she says. “Contractors who already had work on the books for the winter are going to have to fit this into the books as well.”
Obviously, the elements – including frozen ground – discourage winter homebuilding in Illinois. It’s one byproduct of a series of destructive storms coming at this time of year.
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